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Zinc-o-India was started in 1987 by Mr. G.K Agarwal. Today he is ably assisted by his two Sons Er. Amit Agarwal & Mr. Ankur Agarwal(M.B.A). Ever Since inception we are well renowned for our consistent quality, on time delivery & competitive prices amongst our customers which are generally ISO 900 certified companies & leaders in their field.

Our Product is approved & quality appreciated by General Tire International Co. U.S.A., a subsidiary of Continental Tires, Germany. We currently export to various countries across the globe including European Union. We have full expertise in manufacturing of Zinc Oxide for Rubber, Ceramic, Cosmetic, Pharma & Feed Industry. Our Feed grade Zinc Oxide is free of Dioxin & heavy Metals.

Apart from Zinc Oxide we currently trade in other essential Zinc Chemicals & derivatives like ZINC SULPHATE, ZINC CHLORIDE, ZINC STEARATE & SECONDARY ZINC INGOTS.

We also provide technical consultancy for setting up of Zinc Oxide manufacturing plant. We have successfully set up Zinc Oxide plants in Srilanka & Malysia.

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Mr. G.K Agarwal
Mr. Amit Agarwal
Mr. Ankur Agarwal
Mr. Devendra Gupta