Applications of Zinc Oxide


Rubber : Zinc oxide occupies a unique position in rubber processing as it id outstanding in it effectiveness as an activator of accelerators in the vulcanization process. Other prominent rubber applications for zinc oxide include; foam control in lattices, reinforcement in white stock, improved heat conductivity and aging in flexing stock and resistance to sun checking.


Paint : As a pigment in linseed oil exterior house hold paints, it shields the vehicle by absorbing the ultraviolet rays of the sun, toughens the film by formation of zinc soaps, and inhibits mold and mildew formation by its fungistetic properties.

Phosphating : It is used in large quantities as a raw material in phosphating of metallic surfaces to prevent corrosion.


Glass, Ceramics and Porcelain : It finds its application in transparent and semi-transparent glazes for art ware, dinnerware, stoneware, sanitary ware etc. It reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion, imparts high brilliance and luster and high stability against deformation under stress when used in glass.

Stock Feed : Zinc is now recognized as an essential mineral for all animal feeds. Zinc Oxide is the most preferred form because of its high purity, insolubility and low cost.

Other Applications : Zinc Oxide is also used in Adhesives, transparent rubber, photo-copying, food can linings, U.V resistant plastics, cosmetics and drugs, batteries, matches, agriculture.